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Even in the present day of technological advancement, enterprises are more or less striving to optimize their tail-end spends and streamline the sourcing chores of complex spend categories. Vaxia’s unique business proposition was born to address the challenges of industrial consumables procurement in the B2B space.

We are a team of capable procurement consultants possessing a sound knowledge base of MRO product categories, procurement technology and supply chain intricacies. By leveraging technology, our experts have introduced solutions to automate and simplify your entire sourcing process.


If industries have known consumables procurement to comprise a host of transaction activities, Vaxia has made sure that this concept doesn’t last any longer. Our aggregation mechanism helps reduce the multiple transactions, as with us, you’re procuring consumables across all categories under a single transaction with one consolidated invoice

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With a portfolio of over 2 lakhs products across multiple Industrial Consumables categories, we offer standardized products at competitive prices. Check out catalogs:



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